Variety of Beverages

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Variety of Beverages

We, Komus International traders is a manufacturer and supplier of beverages, juice packs and mineral water bottles. Komus International supplied a quality beverages, juice pack in domestic market by the name of Laa-Pila-Dee Brand Name.
brings you the best of traditional and contemporary soft drinks. Our wide range of brands satisfy the requirements of diverse consumers across the India and now we planning to export globally according to client’s needs.
We have always focused on the highest standards in quality, to address both customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We source our raw materials from the best in the industry. Our production processes follow world-class quality assurance norms, and we believe in continuously improving our products based on feedback from our customers.
Feel free to contact us for any kind of beverages requirments we like to deliver top quality beverages according your needs.

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