Non-Basmati Rice

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Non-Basmati Rice

One of the most popular staple foods in India is non-basmati rice. It is a delectable and beneficial complement to our diet.
Asia is the region where more than 90% of non-basmati rice is produced and consumed. Rice that is not basmati is known as non-basmati rice. It is a delicious, long grain that resembles a pearl and is nutrient-dense.
Our non-basmati rice is of the highest quality and is free of stones, dust, and pathogens. It has a wonderful scent and a rich flavour. Non-basmati rice is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including long, slender, short, thick, bead-like, and possibly circular varieties.
We are here to export quality non-basmati rice across the world as per customer needs in an affordable rates.

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